What to know about wind energy

Wind power has been used by many countries for several decades but the technology is new to Senegal. Here are some key facts about generating electricity from wind.

An ancient technology, reinvented

Wind power has been used for centuries to provide mechanical power for milling and pumping water.

Clean and abundant

Wind energy generates no carbon emissions or other pollution and uses the endless natural supply of wind.

Used across the world

There are thousands of wind turbines across Africa, Europe, America and Asia, providing electricity for homes and businesses.

Safe and quiet

Noise levels from wind turbines meet strict recommendations set by the World Health Organisation.


The height of the wind turbines at PETN.


The slowest wind speed at which turbines can produce electricity.


The cost of the wind itself, unlike paying for fossil fuels like coal or oil.


The estimated number of jobs created building a wind farm like PETN.


The year the first modern mega-watt class wind turbine was built in the USA.

0 tonnes

The carbon emissions that wind turbines emit.

24 months

The maximum time it will take to build PETN.

1300 MW

Of wind energy PETN’s parent company Lekela is building in Africa