A 20-year programme of investment

Parc Eolien Taiba N’Diaye is a multi-decade project. While construction will take less than two years, an agreement has been signed that will ensure PETN’s wind turbines generate electricity for Senegal over the space of 20 years.

600 employment opportunities will be created during peak construction, along with indirect opportunities through the use of local services. This will benefit the Taiba community financially and in terms of improved skills and knowledge.

PETN is a project owned by Lekela, which also builds wind farms in other African communities including Ghana, South Africa and Egypt. As well as clean electricity, each Lekela project invests in a programme of activities to improve education, enterprise and the environment in the local community.

As part of PETN’s long-term commitment to the Taiba community, a programme of socio-economic investments has also been started. This will continue throughout the lifetime of the wind farm and up to $20 million will be invested in different projects in the Taiba N’Diaye community.

These projects focus on creating sustainable livelihoods. They include making improvements to local agriculture, providing vocational training and opportunities for young members of the community and improving local infrastructure.

You can read more about PETN and Lekela’s approach to community investment in the company’s annual sustainability report.

Download Sustainability Report

Rebuilding the Mbayenne marketplace

Commerce is vital to any community. A healthy, thriving village needs a central place where farmers and traders can sell their goods. Following discussions with the Taiba N’Diaye Women’s Association, PETN started a project to rebuild the Mbayenne marketplace.

Now complete, the new marketplace is a clean, shaded space in which Taiba’s vendors can sell fresh and other produce. The improved working conditions ensure better wellbeing for vendors and customers alike. Construction took just 3 months and was aided by several workers from the local community.

Following this success, a second project will start shortly to refurbish Taiba N’Diaye’s marketplace as well.

A new marketplace, built for Taiba’s farmers and traders to sell their goods, has now been completed.

Building an IT centre for Taiba N’Diaye’s schoolchildren

We live in an increasingly digital world. Having the chance to learn digital skills is a vital part of a child’s education and their working future.

Yet as the Taiba Youth Association has pointed out, not a single school in the local area has access to computers. Students have no opportunity to learn even basic typing, programming or other digital skills.

PETN is changing that, building a brand new IT centre for schoolchildren at Le Lycée de Taiba Ndiaye. Once built, the 1,500 students at Le Lycée will have access to fast, modern computers, giving them the chance to learn and build their own digital futures.

A new IT centre will soon be built, providing computers and digital education for Taiba N’Diaye’s children.